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Samantha (To Contact Samantha Click Here)
Location: New York, NY USA 
Zip: 10033
Monthly Rent: $740
Available: Now

Room Information

Samantha is seeking: a Male OR Female roommates
Pets are: NOT accepted
Smokers are: NOT accepted
Lease is: monthly
Security deposit is: required
Public transportation is: available
Room is: furnished
Room does: NOT have a private bathroom

Comments From Samantha

**Please note your budget should include utilities estimated below. Read entire ad please!

I am looking for a new roommate for the smaller modest size room in our large 3 bedroom apt! It should be noted that this room has and comfortably fits a twin sized bed, and is by no means a closet! It is bigger than most Manhattan apartments and WOULD fit a full size bed, but comes furnished with a twin.

The large 3 BDR, 1 bath apartment has the following:

-washer/dryer in the kitchen (rent includes $20/mo for unlimited usage)

-furnished room with twin bed, closet. Window with sunlight, room off the kitchen right by washer dryer!

-Piano in living room

-5 floor walk up (exercise every day!)

-quiet, non street front, quiet building

-1 block from the A at 181 and 3 blocks from the 1 in Washington Heights, 20 min to columbus circle.

-Great restaurants, bars, takeout nearby

-I am a freelance designer and I have lived here for seven years. I consider myself very clean and respectful. My boyfriend of 4 years lives two blocks away and is also very clean and respectful. The future roommate should be cool with him hanging out at our apartment and sometimes staying over. I don't mind if your significant other does the same on occasion but they should pitch in and help out a little and it shouldn't be anywhere near a 24/7 thing. This room is better suited for a single person, however. Overnight guests like out of town visitors are okay very occasionally but not encouraged.

-The other roommate is a female age 29, works in outreach work for a non profit, works semi irregular hours and also volunteers in her free time. She enjoys music, watching netflix and hiking in her free time.

-My schedule is different every day, and some days I work from home, but typically I leave at rush hour time and come home anywhere between 7pm and midnight.

-netflix/cable/internet/DVR/ap pleTV

-bright and sunny!

-air conditioning

-utilities are typically $90-150 extra per month, depending on season (summer is pricey with AC-but worth it!), so your budget should be total around $900 to be safe.

-April 1 is move in date but somewhat flexible

What we want in our new roommate:

-NO smoking, drugs, pets, or couples. Seriously, no smoking or drugs of any kind. (only exception is for pets: might consider a small dog, but the room is small and it's up five flights-would have to be a small dog that doesn't need a lot of room or else we would feel bad for it! Dog must be under 10 lbs, extra deposit and cleaning would be required. Must be well house trained)

-LONG TERM- Ideally 3 month minimum, but people who plan or want to stay longer will be given preference. Rent and bills subject to increase in May (may make it a two bedroom-rent would increase by ~30% but you would have larger room and we'd use this small room as communal office/storage) and could increase slightly with September lease. Possibility to take over a lease that has been passed down for 15 years in the event that I decide to leave in the fall.

-CLEAN. You can compare yourself to Monica on the Friends tv show-or the male version- (and hopefully you don't hate that show). You won't cut your toenails and leave them all over the coffee table in the living room, cut your hair in the bathroom and leave remnants repeatedly, or break my favorite mug because you left dishes in a big pile. Gross I know, but true stories of past roommates. You will do your part to take out the trash and do your dishes every day, never leaving them overnight. On a weekly or bi-weekly basis, help clean something: floors, toilet, stovetop, etc. without being asked, and deep clean something on a monthly basis, and pitch in with communal expenses, toilet paper, paper towels etc. You see detail when you clean...wiping the counter is not considered "cleaning" to you.

-COOL. We can all hang out on occasion and chat and respect each other. We don't need to be best friends, but I'd love it if we could all be friendly.

-QUIET. You don't do drugs, party heavily, or smoke, and when you have friends over or get home late you will be respectful and not super loud if you know another roommate might be sleeping. You'll always clear overnight guests with your fellow roommates (out of town guests overnight should not be frequent) and hopefully will let us know most of the time if you are having people over for dinner etc.

-RESPONSIBLE. You'll lock the door when you leave or go to sleep, not leave windows open and unlocked or appliances on, and pay your rent and bills on time without needing reminders or extensions (and your checks won't bounce!) !!!!!

If you think you fit into these things please message me! You MUST be in the city to meet us in person. Please contact me and tell me as much as is necessary/useful about yourself in response to this ad (based on what we are looking for) and why you would be a good fit for this room, please!

We encourage guys and girls to apply.

Roommate references may be requested.

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